Free! The Baby Biochemist: DNA Coloring Pages


I was “inspired” to make these coloring pages because my daughter kept trying to color on her actual Baby Biochemist books. Last night when I printed out the final product, I got out her crayons, set the pages out on her table and proudly said “Here babe! You can color the DNA now!” She looked so excited and said oooh pretty, but then told me “no color on baby chem chem.” Ha! At least she was listening. This morning she actually did color some, especially since she saw that I had colored the osteoblast in rainbow ombre…I couldn’t resist.

But seriously, after I got the idea to make these, I began to think they could also be used as a genuine educational tool for older children. I included some explanations and challenges on the pages to help tie in what they’ve learned after reading The Baby Biochemist: DNA or from their other DNA studies. Soon, I plan to incorporate the book, the coloring pages, and other simple activities into a lesson plan of sorts that teachers and caregivers can use to introduce DNA to their kids. Keep an eye on the blog for it, and of course I’ll post it on my social media outlets.

I hope you enjoy these! Let me know how they work and send pictures of your kids’ artwork!

Here is the link to download the PDF: dna_coloring_pages

Here is a link to The Baby Biochemist: DNA book. (Psst… This is an affiliate link) The Baby Biochemist: DNA (Volume 1)

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