Introducing a new series: Baby Medical School!

We are so happy to bring to you a new series called Baby Medical School! Like all our books, this series is meant to entertain children and adults with the wonders of science. These focus on medically relevant topics, such as medicines, vaccines, and your immune system, and is the perfect gift idea for expecting medical professionals, children ready for their first doctor’s visit, or to just introduce these important concepts!

The first volume of the series is already available on Amazon!

Bacteria and Antibiotics

Bacteria and Antibiotics    $10.99

Join us at Baby Medical School as we learn about bacteria and antibiotics, including a close look at penicillin and its mechanism of action, the principles of antibiotic resistance, and the effect of antibiotics on our microbiome. Click the image above to purchase or visit our Instagram page for sneak peaks into the book!

We hope you love this series as much as everyone has been loving The Baby Biochemist! Enjoy sharing the wonders of science with your kids!

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