New book! The Doctor’s Visit (Baby Medical School)

We are proud to introduce a brand new book that is now available on Amazon! The Doctor’s Visit is the third book in the Baby Medical School Series!

The Doctor’s Visit (Baby Medical School)

Your children will not only learn about what will happen during their exam, but also WHY doctors take these measurements. Empower your child with knowledge so they can approach their doctor’s visit with courage and curiosity!

When our daughter is nervous or apprehensive, we’ve found that explaining why something is happening is the best way to calm and prepare her. We made this book to prep her for her yearly well-child visit, so she can go in with confidence and begin to learn how to take care of her body. We are so excited to share this strategy with you, and we hope your children will feel empowered, too!

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Bacteria and Antibiotics

Join us at Baby Medical School as we learn about bacteria and antibiotics, including a close look at penicillin and its mechanism of action, the principles of antibiotic resistance, and the effect of antibiotics on our microbiome. This book is made for babies through children in elementary school, but adults, students, scientists, and doctors will be sure to love it, too!


Learn about the molecular makings of vaccines in the second semester of Baby Medical School! Meet some members of our immune system and learn how they handle germs and vaccines to keep us healthy.

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